Sportfishing Charters 2017

March 4 2017

Slow Sailfishing this season compared to last season. But we are finding some Angler Crushing Black Marlin. Probably one of the hardest fighting fish in the sea. Growing to well over 1500 pounds these guys are known locally as “Diablo Negro” or “Black Devil”. This one was released and estimated to be 400-500 Pounds. 2.5 hours the Angler fought this fish. 6 hour offshore trip.


February 19 2017

Still a bit of a slow bite the last few days but to my surprise we have found some Mahi Mahi the last 3 offshore trips. Spectacular fighters, even better table fare. They have missing from this area for the last 2 season, due to El Nino. Great to see a few..


February 15 2017

Been after the sails. They are here. A little sluggish with the full moon but they are biting.

February 8 2017

Just got done with a couple of days offshore. The sailfish are here. Free Jumpers and Finners are spotted everywhere. It has been a strange bite though all week. With the mornings being slow and things really turning on later in the afternoon. Going 3 for 4 and 2 for 3 the last couple of days. Back out tomorrow.


January 26-28 2017 

Returning Inshore, the bite is still good. Hordes of Jacks in the River mouth, Mackerel too. Larger Mackerel at our Rock.

Loads of bait, perfect conditions for Rooster fish. Like this 50+ pounder.

Big Rooster cropped 

January 25 2017

Back offshore and things are turning on. The sails have arrived. We went 4 for 5 on sailfish.

GOPR0956_Moment(3) GOPR0958_Moment

January 22-24 2017

Inshore fishing remains great with lots of Jacks, Sierra Mackerel, Snappers and Rooster fish. Loads of Sardines and other types of bait are super plentiful at the moment.



January 20 2017

Inshore fishing remains good. Slowing down a tick. From insane to very good. 5 plus Jacks. Then we switched gears and trolled for Rooster fish. Getting a small Rooster on the troll we switched gears again. Started jigging for some bottom fish on a local rock pile. A couple of Snappers for the dinner table and nice Blue runner for bait.. The Blue runners havent been around much this season, so i was very happy to see this one. Geear change again. We ran off with our Blue Runner to my special Rooster fish spot. Trolled for about five minutes with the Live Blue runner and fish on. Then ensued a 30+ minute fight.. A tug of war with the king of the Inshore species. Fianlly came boat side a 35+ pound Rooster fish. We boated him and snapped a few pics and did what we do with all Rooster fish and released him… Perfect ending to a great trip.

Rooster on the troll       35 pound Rooster Fish Feb 20 2017

Rooster Release      Rooster Swimming

January 18 2017

Have had a few inshore trips over the last week and things have really picked up. Jacks, Sierra Mackerel and Rooster fish have all been common catches this week. Ravenous Jacks 10+ fish and chasing lures in on the spinning rod has been great action. Rooster fish in the surf line have been common, even trolling lures. Sardines are starting to show up but still aren’t thick.

Ugly Stick bent..! Jan Mack





January 12 2017

Inshore Trip yesterday a little slow with the Full moon, but we did have fun. Rooster fish, Pez Aguja and various Snappers. Lost one nice mystery fish, trolling live bait.

Small Rooster

Small Rooster


Pacific Needle fish

Back at it for another season. Excited about the water temps this year. After a brutally hot El Nino season last year the water has cooled off a bit. This time last year we had water temps 88-90 degrees Fahrenheit. This year we are starting off with 82. Hoping this helps our fishery.

The Inshore fishing has been pretty good the last few weeks. Our normal catches of Jacks and Sierra Mackeral. We have been seeing some Sardines showing up. Hopefully this leads to a good Rooster fish season as well.

Offhsore the fishing has been off to a slow start. Not uncommon. We did have a short Dorado run which seemed to only last a week. Hopefully we will find more throughout the season this year. Mid-end of January is historically when are sailfish show up in this area.

Let the games begin

Let the games begin



Sportfishing Charters – 2016

March 27 2016

Over the last few weeks things have been winding down here. Our season has come to a close. It was a strange one. The El Niño weather pattern truly disturbed the distribution of fish. The beginning of our season was very slow. With a nonexistent Dorado run. Luckily the bill fishing really turned on. We had some great days with lots of Sailfish and some Marlin.

Heading North to Cape Cod next week, for the summer season there.

Thank you all for a great season.


March 20 2016

Last few weeks we’ve been Inshore and Off. Fishing still good but starting to slow a bit.


March 4 2016

Headed offshore with returning guest Robin and some friends from the states. Ran about an hour 6 miles before the Furuno bank. We weren’t trolling long before we got our first bite, (I was still putting out the spread). We missed that fish. Didn’t take long before we had our second bite, and we were tight. Bounding out of the water comes a nice 500 pound class Black Marlin. Blue Marlins are the performance motorcycles of the sea, The Black Marlin is the Muscle car. The next couple of hours weren’t spent in a give and take with the large Marlin. Finally landing and releasing it at 1130am. Back up on the troll and we got a couple of nice sailfish. Heading for the barn at 1 pm. Good day.

Marlin flag IMG_3987Costa Rica Sailfish Leap 1-22-2016


Febuary 21 2016

Right back at it. a little slower in the morning but the afternoon really turned on. 9 sailfish caught out of 11 bites.

sails wideranger

Febuary 20 2016

Headed out for a full day offshore was greeted with a consistent bite from the sailfish again. We went 7 for 9 for the day.

7 for 9

Febuary 16 2016

Two more offshore trips completed. Sailfish bite is staying consistent. We did a 6 hour trip on the 14th and went 2 for 3. The 15 we did a whole day trip and went 6 for 7 again.

bigjumpbig sail6 for 7 on sails


Febuary 12 2016

Offshore has really picked up. We’ve been offshore a few times in the last week and have done well. 3 for 4 with sailfish on a 6 hour trip and 6 for 7 on a full day trip.

sailfish jump flagssail allaways  Pez vela saltando

Febuary 7 2016

Fishing has been good for the last 2 weeks. Inshore and offshore. Sierra Mackerel, Bonito and Jacks have been biting. Rooster fish too when we can procure live bait.

Offshore the sails have shown up pretty thick.

untitled UK untitledmack


January 24 2016

The Sailfish have arrived in our area. Last few trips to the sailfish grounds have finally paid off.

IMG_0948   20160122_110110_001_resized_1January 19 2016

Funding a few of these guys..

photo 1 (1)    Rooster Fish Uvita Costa Rica

January 18 2016

Inshore fishing is staying pretty strong with Jack Crevalle, Bonito and Roosterfish. Happy to say also we have started to see some schools of Sardines.

Offshore fishing has started to pick up finally in our area with the arrival of the Sailfish.


January 14 2016

A bunch of Inshore trips over the past couple of weeks. Fortunately the fishing has been pretty consistent. Lots of Jack Crevalle around and a few Sierra Mackerals also. we have been getting up to 10 of the hard pulling Jacks in a 2 hour span.

Rob Jack Mackeral with Gaff NikcyJanuary 5 2016

Had a couple more inshore trips and I am happy to report the inshore fishing has been good. With many Jacks, some Pargo (snapper), Sierra Mackeral and Barracuda coming over the gunnels.

Unfortunately the offshore fishing is still dead in our area.

Pacific Barracuda

Pacific Barracuda



January 1 2016

Feliz Ano Nuevo..! Happy new year.

Been fishing a ton the last 2 weeks. We just finished up 15 days in a row of fishing. Some great and others not.

The inshore fishing started off great with lots of Sierra Mackeral, Pacific Jack Crevalle and some Needlefish. Although we are lacking the schools of Sardines this year, so far.

The bite slowed as we got closer to the Full moon (luna llena) a few days after it has turned back on. Lots of Jacks around the last few trips.

Offshore has still been dead but we are hearing rumors that the Sailfish are starting to show up in our area. We’ll be out there in the next few days to investigate these rumors.




Sportfishing Charters – 2015

December 12 2015  The games have begun

Headed out with Justin Abrams and friends for a half day inshore. We had pretty constant action on the troll for the first part of the morning. We ended up with 5 Sierra Mackeral and a Jack crevalle. With a few others being lost too.

CR 1516 1

November 16 2015

Getting ready for the upcoming season. I have upgraded almost all of my rods and some of my reels. All top of the line Shimano reels and Custom rods built by the famous CMS fishing tackle in New Bedford Massachusetts. First trip is slated for the 12th of December. From there until Mid April it is game on. December is almost completely booked with only a few days open. If you are looking to go don’t hesitate to email, things are booking fast.


April 5-10 2015

Been offshore for the last few days and things have really picked up. We went 4 for 5 on Sails on the 7th. Both live bait and Ballyhoo were on the menu. On the 9th we went 4 for 9 on sails. Live bait was the ticket this time.

Bill Herle

April 4 2015

 The Inshore fishing has finally started to pick up. The Sardines have been plentiful for a week now. The water has cooled a bit and the fish to seem to like the cooler temps. Rooster fish, Jacks and Colorado Snappers have been our catches for the last few inshore trips.

Kevin Rooster          Pargo            Teo Rooster

March 26 2015

The sails are here. In our area it has almost strictly a live bait game as Ballyhoo have seem to have lost their appeal. Luckily the bait has been fairly cooperative.

A great underwater shot taken by Steve S.

Sail Been There   steve sail


March 25 2015

Back out on the bank. Plenty of bait and predators. We went 3 for 4 on sailfish in three hours of fishing. We even get to seem some other very cool creatures.

Manta Ray nice sail

March 24 2015

Back inshore. Still a tad slow, although we are grinding through it.

Big Jack

March 23 2015

Were finding a few of theses guys 🙂

Back out on the bank, Live bait rules.. we went 3 for 5 on sailfish. The sails we encounter on the Furuno bank are generally bigger fish, most being over 100 pounds.

nice sail

March 8 2015

The inshore fishing has started to turn back on. We have been getting Roosters and Snappers at one spot and Jacks and sierra Mackerels at another.

Live bait has been the key. Although some times it has been very scarce this season..

March Mackeral March Rooster Anna y Jeison Pargo March Mack anna with snappers Anna fighting fish Anna con Jurel Jeison Pargo roquero

February 28 2015

45 pound mahi fish on

 February 5 2015

 The Inshore fishing has been slow and the full moon this week isn’t helping things either. We have been getting fish but it has been a grind. On the positive side of things I have started to see some schools of Sardines starting to arrive. This is great news, as along comes the fish chasing them.  Some pics of yesterdays trip. Nice Roosterfish Taken on a light spinning rod and top water popper.

Boston Roosterfish       Large Jack Crevalle

January 2015

The offshore fishing has started heating up here in the Southern Zone. We are getting Sailfish and Dorado between 10-15 miles out. A quick 30-45 minute ride to get into big game. The inshore had slowed a bit but with the arrival of Sardines we should be seeing an increase of the inshore action.

January 22 DoradoflagsJason Hyde with SailfishUpside down Sailfish

Sportfishing Charters – 2014

December 31 2014

Took Christina out for a half day inshore excursion. Was a little slower with only a hand full of Jacks and a needlefish. But what lacked in Quantity we got quality. Also found a nice Cubera Snapper going 34 pounds. Also found a nice Rooster.

CuberaRooster Wolcott

December 30 2014

Back offshore looking for Dorado again. went back to the area I had found them the day before. We hooked up with a couple of Bonito pretty quickly. Got them to the boat and got the lines back out. Bam hooked up again, nice Dorado doing aerials. Unfortunately he became unbuttoned, and got away. We ran a little and changed locations. We encontoured a better looking current line and started to work it. Passing through an area with birds etc we had not had anything. The birds and life seemed to Pieter out so we turned around and made another pass in the area of the bird. Fish on. Boated a nice 25-30 Dorado. Lines back out and not long after, fish on again. Another dorado 20-25 pounds was boated. Back to the harbor by noon.

Mahi Mahi DecDec Dorado

December 29 2014

Headed out offshore in search of Dorado. Got out about 12 miles and found some birds working. Didn’t take long and we were into them. Scored 3 Dorado within a hour.

December 28 2014

   Took clients from the gorgeous vacation rental house “Del Congos de Uvita” for a half day excursion. Lots of action again with Jacks and Mackeral. Even found them a Rooster.

JacksterooRooster 15

December 27 2014

  Took Brit and her family out for a half day. Lots of Jacks. Some sierra Mackeral and Needlefish. Constant action.

     Brit Jack

December 26 2014

 Took out Romuald and friends form Ocachal for a half day inshore trip. The jacks were biting hard. We couldn’t get two lines in the water. After about 8 Jacks and a Needlefish released we headed off to see if we could find a Rooster. We did. A nice one too. Took 3 anglers and about 45 minutes to bring it in to release.

French Rooster

December 24 2014 First Dorado run

  Headed out with Fredrick family in search of Mahi Mahi. We encountered a nice current line about 10 miles out. Worked the area for a bit and ended up with a nice 30 pound Mahi, a few Bonito and a Sailfsih. Lost another sailfish. Not bad for a half day run.


Been There


December 15 2014 Getting ready for the season.

I have feverishly been working on the “Been There”. A fresh coat of paint with new lettering, new Suzuki four stroke 140, new top of the line Simrad chat plotter/Sounder with structure scan. The structure scan should very interesting around the rocks of Dominical. I am hoping to be launched by the end of this week..


January 11-22 2014

The Inshore fishing has been hot. Lots of Jack Crevalle near the river mouth of the Baru river in Dominical Costa Rica. Then Numerous Sierra Mackeral on a Sea mount we fish, 5 miles South of Punta Dominicalito. Some Sardines showing up too. Making for some exciting casting action and live bait oppurtunities.


January 2-9 2014

Fishing Fanatic Scott “Ripple” Carpenter returned for his 4th year in a row. Offshore and Inshore, we spent most of the week on the water.


January 1 2014

Finding some sailfish..Water still green though.

Sportfishing Charters – 2010

December 26 2010 Inshore Bite is Red hot.

The inshore bite has been off the charts the last few days. With the fishing only being 5-10 minutes from the mooring, these are ghreat trips. Multiple hook ups with Pacific Jack Crevalle and Sierra Mackeral. Lots of bait around right now too. These Jacks are all good size range and fight hard. The sierra mackerals are also in bigger size and are making great table fare.

Sierra Mackeral, Great Ceviche, Dominical Costa Rica Pacific Jack Crevalle, Uvita Costa Rica

December 12 2010 First trip of the season

Went out on our first exscursion of the season with my friends Randy and Jacqui for a shakedown scout misson. Our launch driver that morning had told us that the Mahi Mahi were very close, find the rip line.

We headed of Northwest towards the area called the Furuno. We got out about 7 miles and we had found what the launch driver was talking about. Nice well defined rip line with lots of flotsam in it. We threw out a spread and trolled our way north a bit. Lots of birds and promising signs but not a sniff for an hour. So I decided to head south. We ran into a bunch of feeding birds and like clock work we had a double header. Two large Mahi Mahi. Randy jumped on one rod and I passed the other to Jacqui. Clearing the other rods I see Jacqui struggling to try to reel. She informs me she is left handed and cant reel a right handed rteel, ugh. I watch as her Mahi Mahi does a airborn leap and get clear out of the water, also getting his freedom.

Randy is still tight and is dug in on his large bull Dorado. About 15 minutes of Tug a War and we landed the nice first fish of the season. After that we headed for the barn. Not bad for a 3 hour trip.

35 pound Bull Mahi Mahi, Dominicalito Costa Rica

December 10 2010 Costa Rican craft launched

After weeks of work and “Cinta Rojo” (Red Tape) I finally got launched. As everything in Costa Rica, it was a “Pura Adventura” (pure adventure). The only “boat ramp” (this term is used loosely) in town is only accsesable at midtide and a 1/2 mile drive down the beach. Thanks to my good friends Jacqui, Randy and Mark we got the boat a float. Here are some pics of the launching. Ready to fish..!

Pura Vida

Costa Rican Boat Launch Launching the charter boat

Boat Ramp Dominicalito Costa Rica Tico Boat launch

November 1 2010 Gearing up for Costa Rica

Relentless weather this fall here in the Northeast. It has been a steady flow of windy days and only a couple of fishable days since the beginning of September. The Diablo is up on the hard and winterized. I am currently collecting all of my tackle together and packing up. I am leaving for CR wenesday the 17th. I hope to have the boat all set and ready to fish by the first week of December. I am planning to be fishing in CR until April 10th. If anyone has interest in getting out of the cold and into the sun, drop me an email. I can also help arrange accomadations for you escape as well.

-Pura Vida

Sportfishing Charters – 2011

December 26 2011— All I want for Christmas is a sailfish

Took out returning guest Adam Hite insearch of a Sailfish. Adam was lucky and got what he wanted for Christmas. A beautiful Pacific Sail.

Adam Hite with a Pacific Sailfish Dominical Costa Rica

December 24 Merry Christmas
Our Costa Rica season has started. The Mahi Mahi have returned after a taking last year off , thankfully. Also the sailfish and Marlin are starting to show up too. The Inshore bite has begun to pick up with Sierra Mackeral and Jack Crevalle.Tha boat is in the water and ready to go.
Inshore fishing Dominicilito Costa Rica
(Randy Stahmius with a nice sierra Mackeral)


April 2 2011 Costa Rica boat is out

The Ben There sportfishing boat in Costa RicaBen There on mountain path

Always an adventure here south of the border. That doesnt stop at taking your boat out of the water. After having to surf through the breakers and drive down the beach, then we got to get the boat up a very steep mountin side to the elavation of 1200 feet. Here is a couple of pics of the hired 4×4 truck hauling the boat up.

Charter fishing boat Dominical Costa Rica Sportfishing Charter boat in Uvita Costa Rica

March 29 2011 Costa Rica

Sailfish, Sailfish, Sailfish..and Barracuda…

Charter Sportfishing Costa Rica picture of sailfishbill fishing in Costa Rica

Sailfish, Dominical Costa Rica Barracuda Dominical Costa Rica

March 19 2011 Costa Rica

The billfishing is really heated up with 10 plus shots a day on sails. Although the offshore fishing is super good right now, we will be wrap it up for the season in a few weeks and heading back state side. Prepping for the Cape cod season and start fishing the beginning of May. Here is a little video of one of outings.

Marlin Fishing Dominical Costa Rica (Video 300 lb)

Dominical Black Marlin 600 pounder (Video 600 lb)

Febuary 14 2011 Costa Rica

Last 2 trips, 600 pound Black Marlin and a 300 pound Black Marlin. 85 degrees and flat calm seas. Pura Vida..!!

Martin Wells with a 300 pound Black Marlin, Uvita Costa Rica Black Marlin, Dominicalito Costa Rica

January 25 2011 Costa Rica Fishing

Sails & Marlin, Marlins & Sails, Blues or Blacks?? Doesn’t matter cause they are here.!! The Costa Rica Billfish season has started..!!

Oh yeah and it is 85 degrees too…

Costa Rican SailfishBlue Marlin, Furuno Bank, Dominical Costa Rica

January 14 2011 Offshore Bite is heating up.

Got back offshore again and found that the sails are showing up. Started out convential trolling in the morning and by 11:30 am hadn’t had a sniff. So we switched over to live bait, trolling small bonitos. Didn’t take long before our fisrt fish was on. Nice sailfish. A half hour battle on a 30 Shimano Tiagra matched with a Custom Local Hooker “acid wrap&quot: rod. The fish was boat side. Got some photos and a quick healthy release. After that the action was pretty much nonstop. We stayed out only for another 1.5 hours and ended the day going 2/5 with the sails. This is just the start and should continue to get better.

Big Sailfish, Uvita Costa Rica Pacific Sailfish, Uvita Costa Rica

January 4 2011 Offshore

Headed offshore for some scouting today. The offshore bite has been slow. But with reports coming from the North of things picking up, I was hopeful. We found lots of bait, birds and just life in general. We caught bonito and skipjack tunas. The smaller Bonito are the preffered bait for live bait trolling for Sailfish. Unfortunatley the Sailfish have not quite shown in numbers yet. We did see a few “free jumpers”. After a couple of hours with out a bite except from a very smart Dolphin. We set out our convential trolling spread of lures and Ballyhoo.

We hooked and released a few more Skipjacks as we trolled along. Then Bam! Our long rigger pops, and the 50 Tiagra reel starts screaming. In a blink of an eye we were stripped in to the backing. Then we see the sight we were waiting for. A nice marlin greyhounding across the surface. First away from us then towards us. I have learned the hard way that when you first hook up with a marlin you have to hit the gas a steer away from it. The manuver worked perfect, and we kept the fish tight. After a half hour tug o war we had the marlin next to the boat. Our guess was 300 pounds for this Black Marlin. Got the hook out and a clean release.

Black Marlin at the Furuno Bank, Using Live Bonito. Black Marlin caught by Diablo Sportfishing, Dominical Costa Rica

January 1 2011 Happy New Year

Nothing like ringing in the new year with tight lines. Did another Inshore trip today. I am happy to report the fishing is still good and close by (10 minutes from the harbor). A mixed bag was todays catch. Multiple Jack Crevalles, Sierra Mackeral, Rooster fish and Needle fish.

Pacific Needlefish Needlefish, Mouth of the Baru river, Dominical Costa Rica

Sportfishing Charters – 2012

February 24 2012
Had guests from the beutiful rental house “Congos Del Uvita”
Matt & Contessa joined me for a little sailfish search. What started out as a very lively, promising morning turned out a little slower than we expexted. We hooked our first Sailfish within the first 45 minutes of fishing. A tumultuous one at that. Matt was on the rod for the grueling fight. Jumps, runs and ariel acrobatics were part of the fishes MO. Finally after many great pictures and a long lasted 45 minute fight, Matt had the fish to the boat. Exhausted both fish and angeler, it was time for a break.
We swam the nice 125 pound Sailfish next to the boat for a few recovery minutes and off she went. Unfortunately things changed right after that. Wether be it tide or atmospheric pressure, the fishing shut off. That was the only fish we saw (except Bait..!) Plenty of Dolphins and Turtles though..

picture of sail fish during sportfhing charter picture of fish jumping during sportfishing charter

Febuary 2 2012 Sails are here


January 27 2012-Offshore picking up again
Headed out with Avid fisherman Woody Platt and his wife Shanon to chase some sailfish. Tossed the line off the mooring at 710 AM and made our way South West for the Furuno Bank. An hour and fifteen minute run. We went to making bait, trolling for small Bonito. They were pretty cooperative today. We had the Tuna tubes filled within minutes. I went right to rigging baits and setting out the spread. I had 2 baits out and was getting ready to rig a 3rd and one of the Shimano 30’s started singing. I imediately dropped it back and waited. A long 10 seconds goes by and I push the drag to strike and set the hook. Fish on..! A 15-20 minute battle unsued with Woody on one end of the rod and an upset 125 pound sailfish on the other. A great way to start any trip..

Out went the baits again. This time I got all 3 out. About 45 minutes goes by and we hear the click of the reel. Then another reel clicks then another. Tripled up…! Thankfully we only 1 of the fish stayed tight. It would have been very diffucult if not impossible to get 3 in at once. Shanon jumped on the rod and with perserverance she landed her first Pacific Sailfish.

I started re-rigging and fishing for more baits. All went well and we were fishing again within 20 minutes. A little bit of a lull ensues, about an hour. Then the click again….Drop-back and fish on… Nice 30+ pound Mahi Mahi starts jumping at the end of the line. Woody is on rod and makes quick work of the future dinner…

Our baits were not doing well and again. We proceeded to make bait again. It was now 1130 in the morning and Woody wanted to do some Inshore Flyfishng to finish the day. We decided this was to be our last set of baits for the day. Out went the baits again. We slowed trolled for about 45 minutes then again the reel started singing. Shanon was again on the rod and doing battle with another 100+ pound Sailfish. A half hour tug of war and we had the fish to the boat.

We picked up and ran in early, dropping Shanon off to do some beach time. Woody and I went to one of the many rocks and tried to spook up a Rooster fish. Woody is a avid Flyfisherman and the Rooster fish is a prized catch. Unfortunately for the 2 hours of throwing the fly we did not get one. We did however raise 5 and had 2 bites.

picture of sport fishermen with mahi mahiKevin pulling in sailfish

pulling fish

January 20 2012
Did a half day trip inshore. Again we only fished for 4 hours. Suprisingly the Mackeral seem to have disappeared, but were replaced by lots of Jack Crevalle. Large schools of these hard fighting fish are present now. We got a few Jacks and a needle fish in the first area. After bending some rods we decided to try a new spot for some “fishes for the dishes” . We ran down to a little spot about 15 minutes South. Working the area we hooked up a monster of a fish. A serious tug a war was ensued on a light 20-40 Local Hooker Acid Wrap rod. A half hour later over the gunnel came a 50+ pound Cubera.

Sportfishing charter with MackeralFisherman holding needle fish

January 15 2012
Inshore fishing Red Hot. Took out returning guest Del C. and guests for a half day of inshore fishing. Lots of Pacific Sierra Mackeral around. 4 hours of fishing we ended up with 8 Mackeral, 2 Pacific Needle fish and a small Bluefin Trevally.

YouTube Links for sailfish videos.
Underwater Sailfish

December 28 2011 – January 7 2012
Had returning guest, friend and avid fisherman Scott Carpenter, down here in Costa Rica for some fishing for the week. We did many days offshore with lots of sailfish and some Marlin bites as well. One day of inshore fishing was rewarded with a great Sierra Mackeral bite.

picture of jumping sailfish

picture of carpenter sailfishpicture of hooker sailfish

image of sailscottscott holding sierramacksail

Sportfishing Charters – 2013

Costa Rica Sportfishing Charter
Trips for
Fishing in Uvita
Fishing in Dominical
Fishing in Ojochal

Voyage south of the border, to the tropical paradise of Costa Rica for a unique Sportfishing Adventure! Located on the breathtaking South Pacific Coast of Uvita and Dominical, the “Ben There” is moored in the picturesque harbor of Dominicaltito.

Fishing trips for offshore anglers guarantee Pacific Sailfish, Blue and Black Marlin, Tuna, Wahoo and Dorado; while inshore trips often raise Rooster Fish, Sierra Mackerel, Cubera Snapper, Needlefish, and Jack Crevalle.

If you’ve ever dreamed of taking a tropical fishing excursion, discover the south coast of Costa Rica during the months of November through April with Diablo Sportfishing!

April 6 2013
Kevin Malone with Rooster fish of schools of Sardines are around in the harbor of “Domicalito”. There has been recently in the last couple of weeks a on again and off again top water bite around the Sardines. Jacks, Mackeral and Needlfish. Also the Sardines are making great live bait for Rooster fish like this one we got today.

March 14 2013
Had a offshore trip with returning customer Terry Penland. With water temps at “Summer time” high 88-90F degrees, the fishing has slowed way down offshore. We had perfect weather and didn’t strike out and went 1 for 2 on sailfish. Hopefully we get into the start of the rainy season and cool the water off..


March 10 2013
Diablo sportfishing - two sailfish catchThe water has warmed and slowed the fishing. With the warning of slow fishing the Deford family opted to go for it anyhow. They were rewarded with 2 for 2 on Sailfish. Not an epic day, not a loser either..

March 9 2013
Again inshore fishing today around the “Boca Baru” or the Baru river mouth. Huge schools of Sardines and tons of Jack Crevalles, Sierra Mackeral and Large Needlefish. Great light tackle action on spinning rods.

picture of bent fishing rod off the Diablo fishing boatJAckneedlefish_000

March 7 2013

The Inshore fishing is heating up again. Large schools of Sardines have shown up. Multiple schools of differnt sizes are churning in the waters along the coast. Mostly situated at river mouths or oulets. We trolled around these schools of bait and got Many Sierra Mackeral and some Jack Crevals as well.

Febuary 13 2013

Headed out with the returning Weinheimer family. We orginally were planning only on running out to current lines around 6 miles out as we had their two young sons. We we were having a strange weather pattern and there was some rain storms in the area. The storminess made it difficult to find the current lines. So after a little running around we ended up about 4 miles inside the Furuno. An area where I had been doing pretty well over the last few weeks. Within a few minutes we had our first bite. Contessa was the first angler up as she jumped on the rod. A nice 30 pound Mahi Mahi cleared the water. Contessa, a expirenced angler had the fish boatside within 10 minutes. A presice gaff shot and dinner was secured.

Out went the baits again. Again within only a couple of minutes we had a strike. It was Matts turn. Getting Matt situated to fight the fish, we see a beutiful Pacific Sailfish jumping. A tug of war ensues between Matt annd the Sail. Unfortunately after a 10 minute battle the sail jumps off. We reeled in the slack line to see what had happen. To our astonishment the hook had actually broken. It had snapped at the curve, leaving only the straight shank part of the hook.

Some re-rigging and we were back under way. Trolling our way South West towards the Furuno bank, we saw something on the surface of the greasy calm ocean. Making our way up towards the floating object we noticed it was a flock of Yellow footed Boobies standing on a log. Anyone who fishes offshore knows this is what you look for. I mumble to Matt “could be some Dorado undaneath” in my New England accent. As if on cue, our spread gets attacked. With only one rod staying tight. Contessa gets on angling duty once again. The fish jumps and clears the water. A monster of a Mahi Mahi.. As always Contessa does an excellent job angling. A grueling fight of about 45 minutes with some jumps and deep dives from the grand Mahi Mahi. A sucsessful gaff shot and the big fish was in the boat. A huge fish, the biggest Mahi Mahi that has been on one of my boats. A true 50 pounder, a real trophy.

The day continued like that with one more Mahi Mahi for Matt and a few more Sailfish bites. Another great day on the Equatorial Pacific.

picture of family holding large mahi mahipicture of matt with mahi mahi

picture of large mahi maui

January 29-Febuary 8 2013
Sorry for no recent updates but we’ve been on the water all week. Took out returning fisherman Scott “Ripple” Carpenter. Offshore, Inshore we hit it all. Lots of Dorado this week. One fish going 40 pounds and another going 35 pounds respectively.

January 23 2013
Took out fellow statesmen Randy Ellis (from Massachsetts) for a day offshore. We ran out and found some weed lines again about 6 miles out. Lines in, we worked the area and got our first fish within a half an hour. Small football Yellowfin Tuna. Trolled back over the same spot and doubled up with YFT. Kept working the area and hooked up with a nice Dorado, but he jumped off at the boat. One more fish came an half hour later, small Skipjack tuna. Not a bad start.

After the bite seemed to slow down, we picked up and ran further offshore in search of some sailfish. We arrived a few miles before the Furuno bank and started to put out a spread of Ballyhoo. I was working on getting the second bait out and we had a hit. I dropped it back and fish on. Buetiful Pacific Sail. The guys took turns and worked the fish in. A good 15 minute fight we released the sailfish. Allright. I started putting out the baits again and yet again I couldn’t get the second bait out. Fish on..A smaller but tough sailfish put up a stubborn fight. 30 minutes later we released that sail as well. Sort of shell shocked, the guys decided to not have baits in the water for a minute and eat lunch.

After a little rest and food, I got the baits out. This time all 5, I even got the chance to put the second outrigger down… Didn’t take long though. We had our third sailfish on within 5 minutes. The guys took turns on a hard pulling sail. Getting it to the boat, it was the biggest Sailfish I have ever seen. We measured her along side of the boat at 114 inches (290cm). Length to weight charts show over 200 pounds… The guys called “Uncle” after the 3rd fish and we were heading in at 12:30pm.

picture of nautical fish flags on Diablo sportfishing charterpicture of Kevin Malone pulling in large tuna

January 19th 2013
Got out for a half day offshore. Lucky enough to find the Weed lines. We trolled up this nice Dorado and a few Pacific Bonito.

January 4th 2013… 6 miles out
Headed offshore with returning customer/friend Del. We were planning for the Furuno bank for some sailfish but we found a nice current line full of debris about 6 miles out. We decided to give a troll. Not long into our troll we found a willing Dorado. A beast of a fish, probably 25-30 pounds. Was a great start, and it got better. Double and triple ups were happening most of the morning. By the end of the day our tally was 5 for 7 on Dorado, 2 Yellowfin Tuna, 1 Wahoo and a few Pacific Bonito. Not bad within sight of the beach…

sportfishing charter image of fishermen holding large fishpicture of nautical fishing flag

December 30 2012… Back offshore
Took out Fred Auger and family for a day of offshore fishing. The weather has turned better. Clear skies and calm seas. Unfortunately the bite defnitely slowed from the few days before. Full moon or a change in weather patterns could be to blame. Luckly we did manage to find a few Sailfish and got Fred his first billfish.

image of sail flag

December 23 2012… First offshore charter of the season.
I took a a few of the vacationing McCallister family out for there first offshore trip ever. We made our way to the Furuno bank. A long wet ride it was, as the rainy season re-appeared after a brief hiatus. Once on the scene we went to making bait. Trolling up some Pacific Bonito. It took a few ties as the first ones were too large to use as bait. Once we had the bait, we started fishing. I intended to put out 3 lines as usual. Soon as I got the second line out we had a bite.
That pretty much sums up the day, as we had consistent action all day. Large Dorados and Sailfish were abundant.


picture of large mahi maui picture of Benjamin holding large mahi mahi

December 15 2012… Costa Rica boat “Ben There” has been launched.
Back in the water here in Costa Rica. Our Center console is perfect for plying the calm waters of the south coast of Costa Rica. Offshore and Inshore, we are ready to go.

picture of Diablo Sportfishing boat the "Ben There"