Sportfishing Charters 2017

March 4 2017

Slow Sailfishing this season compared to last season. But we are finding some Angler Crushing Black Marlin. Probably one of the hardest fighting fish in the sea. Growing to well over 1500 pounds these guys are known locally as “Diablo Negro” or “Black Devil”. This one was released and estimated to be 400-500 Pounds. 2.5 hours the Angler fought this fish. 6 hour offshore trip.


February 19 2017

Still a bit of a slow bite the last few days but to my surprise we have found some Mahi Mahi the last 3 offshore trips. Spectacular fighters, even better table fare. They have missing from this area for the last 2 season, due to El Nino. Great to see a few..


February 15 2017

Been after the sails. They are here. A little sluggish with the full moon but they are biting.

February 8 2017

Just got done with a couple of days offshore. The sailfish are here. Free Jumpers and Finners are spotted everywhere. It has been a strange bite though all week. With the mornings being slow and things really turning on later in the afternoon. Going 3 for 4 and 2 for 3 the last couple of days. Back out tomorrow.


January 26-28 2017 

Returning Inshore, the bite is still good. Hordes of Jacks in the River mouth, Mackerel too. Larger Mackerel at our Rock.

Loads of bait, perfect conditions for Rooster fish. Like this 50+ pounder.

Big Rooster cropped 

January 25 2017

Back offshore and things are turning on. The sails have arrived. We went 4 for 5 on sailfish.

GOPR0956_Moment(3) GOPR0958_Moment

January 22-24 2017

Inshore fishing remains great with lots of Jacks, Sierra Mackerel, Snappers and Rooster fish. Loads of Sardines and other types of bait are super plentiful at the moment.



January 20 2017

Inshore fishing remains good. Slowing down a tick. From insane to very good. 5 plus Jacks. Then we switched gears and trolled for Rooster fish. Getting a small Rooster on the troll we switched gears again. Started jigging for some bottom fish on a local rock pile. A couple of Snappers for the dinner table and nice Blue runner for bait.. The Blue runners havent been around much this season, so i was very happy to see this one. Geear change again. We ran off with our Blue Runner to my special Rooster fish spot. Trolled for about five minutes with the Live Blue runner and fish on. Then ensued a 30+ minute fight.. A tug of war with the king of the Inshore species. Fianlly came boat side a 35+ pound Rooster fish. We boated him and snapped a few pics and did what we do with all Rooster fish and released him… Perfect ending to a great trip.

Rooster on the troll       35 pound Rooster Fish Feb 20 2017

Rooster Release      Rooster Swimming

January 18 2017

Have had a few inshore trips over the last week and things have really picked up. Jacks, Sierra Mackerel and Rooster fish have all been common catches this week. Ravenous Jacks 10+ fish and chasing lures in on the spinning rod has been great action. Rooster fish in the surf line have been common, even trolling lures. Sardines are starting to show up but still aren’t thick.

Ugly Stick bent..! Jan Mack





January 12 2017

Inshore Trip yesterday a little slow with the Full moon, but we did have fun. Rooster fish, Pez Aguja and various Snappers. Lost one nice mystery fish, trolling live bait.

Small Rooster

Small Rooster


Pacific Needle fish

Back at it for another season. Excited about the water temps this year. After a brutally hot El Nino season last year the water has cooled off a bit. This time last year we had water temps 88-90 degrees Fahrenheit. This year we are starting off with 82. Hoping this helps our fishery.

The Inshore fishing has been pretty good the last few weeks. Our normal catches of Jacks and Sierra Mackeral. We have been seeing some Sardines showing up. Hopefully this leads to a good Rooster fish season as well.

Offhsore the fishing has been off to a slow start. Not uncommon. We did have a short Dorado run which seemed to only last a week. Hopefully we will find more throughout the season this year. Mid-end of January is historically when are sailfish show up in this area.

Let the games begin

Let the games begin



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