Sportfishing Charters – 2016

March 27 2016

Over the last few weeks things have been winding down here. Our season has come to a close. It was a strange one. The El Niño weather pattern truly disturbed the distribution of fish. The beginning of our season was very slow. With a nonexistent Dorado run. Luckily the bill fishing really turned on. We had some great days with lots of Sailfish and some Marlin.

Heading North to Cape Cod next week, for the summer season there.

Thank you all for a great season.


March 20 2016

Last few weeks we’ve been Inshore and Off. Fishing still good but starting to slow a bit.


March 4 2016

Headed offshore with returning guest Robin and some friends from the states. Ran about an hour 6 miles before the Furuno bank. We weren’t trolling long before we got our first bite, (I was still putting out the spread). We missed that fish. Didn’t take long before we had our second bite, and we were tight. Bounding out of the water comes a nice 500 pound class Black Marlin. Blue Marlins are the performance motorcycles of the sea, The Black Marlin is the Muscle car. The next couple of hours weren’t spent in a give and take with the large Marlin. Finally landing and releasing it at 1130am. Back up on the troll and we got a couple of nice sailfish. Heading for the barn at 1 pm. Good day.

Marlin flag IMG_3987Costa Rica Sailfish Leap 1-22-2016


Febuary 21 2016

Right back at it. a little slower in the morning but the afternoon really turned on. 9 sailfish caught out of 11 bites.

sails wideranger

Febuary 20 2016

Headed out for a full day offshore was greeted with a consistent bite from the sailfish again. We went 7 for 9 for the day.

7 for 9

Febuary 16 2016

Two more offshore trips completed. Sailfish bite is staying consistent. We did a 6 hour trip on the 14th and went 2 for 3. The 15 we did a whole day trip and went 6 for 7 again.

bigjumpbig sail6 for 7 on sails


Febuary 12 2016

Offshore has really picked up. We’ve been offshore a few times in the last week and have done well. 3 for 4 with sailfish on a 6 hour trip and 6 for 7 on a full day trip.

sailfish jump flagssail allaways  Pez vela saltando

Febuary 7 2016

Fishing has been good for the last 2 weeks. Inshore and offshore. Sierra Mackerel, Bonito and Jacks have been biting. Rooster fish too when we can procure live bait.

Offshore the sails have shown up pretty thick.

untitled UK untitledmack


January 24 2016

The Sailfish have arrived in our area. Last few trips to the sailfish grounds have finally paid off.

IMG_0948   20160122_110110_001_resized_1January 19 2016

Funding a few of these guys..

photo 1 (1)    Rooster Fish Uvita Costa Rica

January 18 2016

Inshore fishing is staying pretty strong with Jack Crevalle, Bonito and Roosterfish. Happy to say also we have started to see some schools of Sardines.

Offshore fishing has started to pick up finally in our area with the arrival of the Sailfish.


January 14 2016

A bunch of Inshore trips over the past couple of weeks. Fortunately the fishing has been pretty consistent. Lots of Jack Crevalle around and a few Sierra Mackerals also. we have been getting up to 10 of the hard pulling Jacks in a 2 hour span.

Rob Jack Mackeral with Gaff NikcyJanuary 5 2016

Had a couple more inshore trips and I am happy to report the inshore fishing has been good. With many Jacks, some Pargo (snapper), Sierra Mackeral and Barracuda coming over the gunnels.

Unfortunately the offshore fishing is still dead in our area.

Pacific Barracuda

Pacific Barracuda



January 1 2016

Feliz Ano Nuevo..! Happy new year.

Been fishing a ton the last 2 weeks. We just finished up 15 days in a row of fishing. Some great and others not.

The inshore fishing started off great with lots of Sierra Mackeral, Pacific Jack Crevalle and some Needlefish. Although we are lacking the schools of Sardines this year, so far.

The bite slowed as we got closer to the Full moon (luna llena) a few days after it has turned back on. Lots of Jacks around the last few trips.

Offshore has still been dead but we are hearing rumors that the Sailfish are starting to show up in our area. We’ll be out there in the next few days to investigate these rumors.




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