Sportfishing Charters – 2015

December 12 2015  The games have begun

Headed out with Justin Abrams and friends for a half day inshore. We had pretty constant action on the troll for the first part of the morning. We ended up with 5 Sierra Mackeral and a Jack crevalle. With a few others being lost too.

CR 1516 1

November 16 2015

Getting ready for the upcoming season. I have upgraded almost all of my rods and some of my reels. All top of the line Shimano reels and Custom rods built by the famous CMS fishing tackle in New Bedford Massachusetts. First trip is slated for the 12th of December. From there until Mid April it is game on. December is almost completely booked with only a few days open. If you are looking to go don’t hesitate to email, things are booking fast.


April 5-10 2015

Been offshore for the last few days and things have really picked up. We went 4 for 5 on Sails on the 7th. Both live bait and Ballyhoo were on the menu. On the 9th we went 4 for 9 on sails. Live bait was the ticket this time.

Bill Herle

April 4 2015

 The Inshore fishing has finally started to pick up. The Sardines have been plentiful for a week now. The water has cooled a bit and the fish to seem to like the cooler temps. Rooster fish, Jacks and Colorado Snappers have been our catches for the last few inshore trips.

Kevin Rooster          Pargo            Teo Rooster

March 26 2015

The sails are here. In our area it has almost strictly a live bait game as Ballyhoo have seem to have lost their appeal. Luckily the bait has been fairly cooperative.

A great underwater shot taken by Steve S.

Sail Been There   steve sail


March 25 2015

Back out on the bank. Plenty of bait and predators. We went 3 for 4 on sailfish in three hours of fishing. We even get to seem some other very cool creatures.

Manta Ray nice sail

March 24 2015

Back inshore. Still a tad slow, although we are grinding through it.

Big Jack

March 23 2015

Were finding a few of theses guys 🙂

Back out on the bank, Live bait rules.. we went 3 for 5 on sailfish. The sails we encounter on the Furuno bank are generally bigger fish, most being over 100 pounds.

nice sail

March 8 2015

The inshore fishing has started to turn back on. We have been getting Roosters and Snappers at one spot and Jacks and sierra Mackerels at another.

Live bait has been the key. Although some times it has been very scarce this season..

March Mackeral March Rooster Anna y Jeison Pargo March Mack anna with snappers Anna fighting fish Anna con Jurel Jeison Pargo roquero

February 28 2015

45 pound mahi fish on

 February 5 2015

 The Inshore fishing has been slow and the full moon this week isn’t helping things either. We have been getting fish but it has been a grind. On the positive side of things I have started to see some schools of Sardines starting to arrive. This is great news, as along comes the fish chasing them.  Some pics of yesterdays trip. Nice Roosterfish Taken on a light spinning rod and top water popper.

Boston Roosterfish       Large Jack Crevalle

January 2015

The offshore fishing has started heating up here in the Southern Zone. We are getting Sailfish and Dorado between 10-15 miles out. A quick 30-45 minute ride to get into big game. The inshore had slowed a bit but with the arrival of Sardines we should be seeing an increase of the inshore action.

January 22 DoradoflagsJason Hyde with SailfishUpside down Sailfish

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