Sportfishing Charters – 2010

December 26 2010 Inshore Bite is Red hot.

The inshore bite has been off the charts the last few days. With the fishing only being 5-10 minutes from the mooring, these are ghreat trips. Multiple hook ups with Pacific Jack Crevalle and Sierra Mackeral. Lots of bait around right now too. These Jacks are all good size range and fight hard. The sierra mackerals are also in bigger size and are making great table fare.

Sierra Mackeral, Great Ceviche, Dominical Costa Rica Pacific Jack Crevalle, Uvita Costa Rica

December 12 2010 First trip of the season

Went out on our first exscursion of the season with my friends Randy and Jacqui for a shakedown scout misson. Our launch driver that morning had told us that the Mahi Mahi were very close, find the rip line.

We headed of Northwest towards the area called the Furuno. We got out about 7 miles and we had found what the launch driver was talking about. Nice well defined rip line with lots of flotsam in it. We threw out a spread and trolled our way north a bit. Lots of birds and promising signs but not a sniff for an hour. So I decided to head south. We ran into a bunch of feeding birds and like clock work we had a double header. Two large Mahi Mahi. Randy jumped on one rod and I passed the other to Jacqui. Clearing the other rods I see Jacqui struggling to try to reel. She informs me she is left handed and cant reel a right handed rteel, ugh. I watch as her Mahi Mahi does a airborn leap and get clear out of the water, also getting his freedom.

Randy is still tight and is dug in on his large bull Dorado. About 15 minutes of Tug a War and we landed the nice first fish of the season. After that we headed for the barn. Not bad for a 3 hour trip.

35 pound Bull Mahi Mahi, Dominicalito Costa Rica

December 10 2010 Costa Rican craft launched

After weeks of work and “Cinta Rojo” (Red Tape) I finally got launched. As everything in Costa Rica, it was a “Pura Adventura” (pure adventure). The only “boat ramp” (this term is used loosely) in town is only accsesable at midtide and a 1/2 mile drive down the beach. Thanks to my good friends Jacqui, Randy and Mark we got the boat a float. Here are some pics of the launching. Ready to fish..!

Pura Vida

Costa Rican Boat Launch Launching the charter boat

Boat Ramp Dominicalito Costa Rica Tico Boat launch

November 1 2010 Gearing up for Costa Rica

Relentless weather this fall here in the Northeast. It has been a steady flow of windy days and only a couple of fishable days since the beginning of September. The Diablo is up on the hard and winterized. I am currently collecting all of my tackle together and packing up. I am leaving for CR wenesday the 17th. I hope to have the boat all set and ready to fish by the first week of December. I am planning to be fishing in CR until April 10th. If anyone has interest in getting out of the cold and into the sun, drop me an email. I can also help arrange accomadations for you escape as well.

-Pura Vida

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