Sportfishing Charters – 2011

December 26 2011— All I want for Christmas is a sailfish

Took out returning guest Adam Hite insearch of a Sailfish. Adam was lucky and got what he wanted for Christmas. A beautiful Pacific Sail.

Adam Hite with a Pacific Sailfish Dominical Costa Rica

December 24 Merry Christmas
Our Costa Rica season has started. The Mahi Mahi have returned after a taking last year off , thankfully. Also the sailfish and Marlin are starting to show up too. The Inshore bite has begun to pick up with Sierra Mackeral and Jack Crevalle.Tha boat is in the water and ready to go.
Inshore fishing Dominicilito Costa Rica
(Randy Stahmius with a nice sierra Mackeral)


April 2 2011 Costa Rica boat is out

The Ben There sportfishing boat in Costa RicaBen There on mountain path

Always an adventure here south of the border. That doesnt stop at taking your boat out of the water. After having to surf through the breakers and drive down the beach, then we got to get the boat up a very steep mountin side to the elavation of 1200 feet. Here is a couple of pics of the hired 4×4 truck hauling the boat up.

Charter fishing boat Dominical Costa Rica Sportfishing Charter boat in Uvita Costa Rica

March 29 2011 Costa Rica

Sailfish, Sailfish, Sailfish..and Barracuda…

Charter Sportfishing Costa Rica picture of sailfishbill fishing in Costa Rica

Sailfish, Dominical Costa Rica Barracuda Dominical Costa Rica

March 19 2011 Costa Rica

The billfishing is really heated up with 10 plus shots a day on sails. Although the offshore fishing is super good right now, we will be wrap it up for the season in a few weeks and heading back state side. Prepping for the Cape cod season and start fishing the beginning of May. Here is a little video of one of outings.

Marlin Fishing Dominical Costa Rica (Video 300 lb)

Dominical Black Marlin 600 pounder (Video 600 lb)

Febuary 14 2011 Costa Rica

Last 2 trips, 600 pound Black Marlin and a 300 pound Black Marlin. 85 degrees and flat calm seas. Pura Vida..!!

Martin Wells with a 300 pound Black Marlin, Uvita Costa Rica Black Marlin, Dominicalito Costa Rica

January 25 2011 Costa Rica Fishing

Sails & Marlin, Marlins & Sails, Blues or Blacks?? Doesn’t matter cause they are here.!! The Costa Rica Billfish season has started..!!

Oh yeah and it is 85 degrees too…

Costa Rican SailfishBlue Marlin, Furuno Bank, Dominical Costa Rica

January 14 2011 Offshore Bite is heating up.

Got back offshore again and found that the sails are showing up. Started out convential trolling in the morning and by 11:30 am hadn’t had a sniff. So we switched over to live bait, trolling small bonitos. Didn’t take long before our fisrt fish was on. Nice sailfish. A half hour battle on a 30 Shimano Tiagra matched with a Custom Local Hooker “acid wrap&quot: rod. The fish was boat side. Got some photos and a quick healthy release. After that the action was pretty much nonstop. We stayed out only for another 1.5 hours and ended the day going 2/5 with the sails. This is just the start and should continue to get better.

Big Sailfish, Uvita Costa Rica Pacific Sailfish, Uvita Costa Rica

January 4 2011 Offshore

Headed offshore for some scouting today. The offshore bite has been slow. But with reports coming from the North of things picking up, I was hopeful. We found lots of bait, birds and just life in general. We caught bonito and skipjack tunas. The smaller Bonito are the preffered bait for live bait trolling for Sailfish. Unfortunatley the Sailfish have not quite shown in numbers yet. We did see a few “free jumpers”. After a couple of hours with out a bite except from a very smart Dolphin. We set out our convential trolling spread of lures and Ballyhoo.

We hooked and released a few more Skipjacks as we trolled along. Then Bam! Our long rigger pops, and the 50 Tiagra reel starts screaming. In a blink of an eye we were stripped in to the backing. Then we see the sight we were waiting for. A nice marlin greyhounding across the surface. First away from us then towards us. I have learned the hard way that when you first hook up with a marlin you have to hit the gas a steer away from it. The manuver worked perfect, and we kept the fish tight. After a half hour tug o war we had the marlin next to the boat. Our guess was 300 pounds for this Black Marlin. Got the hook out and a clean release.

Black Marlin at the Furuno Bank, Using Live Bonito. Black Marlin caught by Diablo Sportfishing, Dominical Costa Rica

January 1 2011 Happy New Year

Nothing like ringing in the new year with tight lines. Did another Inshore trip today. I am happy to report the fishing is still good and close by (10 minutes from the harbor). A mixed bag was todays catch. Multiple Jack Crevalles, Sierra Mackeral, Rooster fish and Needle fish.

Pacific Needlefish Needlefish, Mouth of the Baru river, Dominical Costa Rica

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