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Voyage south of the border, to the tropical paradise of Costa Rica for a unique Sportfishing Adventure! Located on the breathtaking South Pacific Coast of Uvita and Dominical, the “Ben There” is moored in the picturesque harbor of Dominicaltito.

Fishing trips for offshore anglers guarantee Pacific Sailfish, Blue and Black Marlin, Tuna, Wahoo and Dorado; while inshore trips often raise Rooster Fish, Sierra Mackerel, Cubera Snapper, Needlefish, and Jack Crevalle.

If you’ve ever dreamed of taking a tropical fishing excursion, discover the south coast of Costa Rica during the months of November through April with Diablo Sportfishing!

April 6 2013
Kevin Malone with Rooster fish of schools of Sardines are around in the harbor of “Domicalito”. There has been recently in the last couple of weeks a on again and off again top water bite around the Sardines. Jacks, Mackeral and Needlfish. Also the Sardines are making great live bait for Rooster fish like this one we got today.

March 14 2013
Had a offshore trip with returning customer Terry Penland. With water temps at “Summer time” high 88-90F degrees, the fishing has slowed way down offshore. We had perfect weather and didn’t strike out and went 1 for 2 on sailfish. Hopefully we get into the start of the rainy season and cool the water off..


March 10 2013
Diablo sportfishing - two sailfish catchThe water has warmed and slowed the fishing. With the warning of slow fishing the Deford family opted to go for it anyhow. They were rewarded with 2 for 2 on Sailfish. Not an epic day, not a loser either..

March 9 2013
Again inshore fishing today around the “Boca Baru” or the Baru river mouth. Huge schools of Sardines and tons of Jack Crevalles, Sierra Mackeral and Large Needlefish. Great light tackle action on spinning rods.

picture of bent fishing rod off the Diablo fishing boatJAckneedlefish_000

March 7 2013

The Inshore fishing is heating up again. Large schools of Sardines have shown up. Multiple schools of differnt sizes are churning in the waters along the coast. Mostly situated at river mouths or oulets. We trolled around these schools of bait and got Many Sierra Mackeral and some Jack Crevals as well.

Febuary 13 2013

Headed out with the returning Weinheimer family. We orginally were planning only on running out to current lines around 6 miles out as we had their two young sons. We we were having a strange weather pattern and there was some rain storms in the area. The storminess made it difficult to find the current lines. So after a little running around we ended up about 4 miles inside the Furuno. An area where I had been doing pretty well over the last few weeks. Within a few minutes we had our first bite. Contessa was the first angler up as she jumped on the rod. A nice 30 pound Mahi Mahi cleared the water. Contessa, a expirenced angler had the fish boatside within 10 minutes. A presice gaff shot and dinner was secured.

Out went the baits again. Again within only a couple of minutes we had a strike. It was Matts turn. Getting Matt situated to fight the fish, we see a beutiful Pacific Sailfish jumping. A tug of war ensues between Matt annd the Sail. Unfortunately after a 10 minute battle the sail jumps off. We reeled in the slack line to see what had happen. To our astonishment the hook had actually broken. It had snapped at the curve, leaving only the straight shank part of the hook.

Some re-rigging and we were back under way. Trolling our way South West towards the Furuno bank, we saw something on the surface of the greasy calm ocean. Making our way up towards the floating object we noticed it was a flock of Yellow footed Boobies standing on a log. Anyone who fishes offshore knows this is what you look for. I mumble to Matt “could be some Dorado undaneath” in my New England accent. As if on cue, our spread gets attacked. With only one rod staying tight. Contessa gets on angling duty once again. The fish jumps and clears the water. A monster of a Mahi Mahi.. As always Contessa does an excellent job angling. A grueling fight of about 45 minutes with some jumps and deep dives from the grand Mahi Mahi. A sucsessful gaff shot and the big fish was in the boat. A huge fish, the biggest Mahi Mahi that has been on one of my boats. A true 50 pounder, a real trophy.

The day continued like that with one more Mahi Mahi for Matt and a few more Sailfish bites. Another great day on the Equatorial Pacific.

picture of family holding large mahi mahipicture of matt with mahi mahi

picture of large mahi maui

January 29-Febuary 8 2013
Sorry for no recent updates but we’ve been on the water all week. Took out returning fisherman Scott “Ripple” Carpenter. Offshore, Inshore we hit it all. Lots of Dorado this week. One fish going 40 pounds and another going 35 pounds respectively.

January 23 2013
Took out fellow statesmen Randy Ellis (from Massachsetts) for a day offshore. We ran out and found some weed lines again about 6 miles out. Lines in, we worked the area and got our first fish within a half an hour. Small football Yellowfin Tuna. Trolled back over the same spot and doubled up with YFT. Kept working the area and hooked up with a nice Dorado, but he jumped off at the boat. One more fish came an half hour later, small Skipjack tuna. Not a bad start.

After the bite seemed to slow down, we picked up and ran further offshore in search of some sailfish. We arrived a few miles before the Furuno bank and started to put out a spread of Ballyhoo. I was working on getting the second bait out and we had a hit. I dropped it back and fish on. Buetiful Pacific Sail. The guys took turns and worked the fish in. A good 15 minute fight we released the sailfish. Allright. I started putting out the baits again and yet again I couldn’t get the second bait out. Fish on..A smaller but tough sailfish put up a stubborn fight. 30 minutes later we released that sail as well. Sort of shell shocked, the guys decided to not have baits in the water for a minute and eat lunch.

After a little rest and food, I got the baits out. This time all 5, I even got the chance to put the second outrigger down… Didn’t take long though. We had our third sailfish on within 5 minutes. The guys took turns on a hard pulling sail. Getting it to the boat, it was the biggest Sailfish I have ever seen. We measured her along side of the boat at 114 inches (290cm). Length to weight charts show over 200 pounds… The guys called “Uncle” after the 3rd fish and we were heading in at 12:30pm.

picture of nautical fish flags on Diablo sportfishing charterpicture of Kevin Malone pulling in large tuna

January 19th 2013
Got out for a half day offshore. Lucky enough to find the Weed lines. We trolled up this nice Dorado and a few Pacific Bonito.

January 4th 2013… 6 miles out
Headed offshore with returning customer/friend Del. We were planning for the Furuno bank for some sailfish but we found a nice current line full of debris about 6 miles out. We decided to give a troll. Not long into our troll we found a willing Dorado. A beast of a fish, probably 25-30 pounds. Was a great start, and it got better. Double and triple ups were happening most of the morning. By the end of the day our tally was 5 for 7 on Dorado, 2 Yellowfin Tuna, 1 Wahoo and a few Pacific Bonito. Not bad within sight of the beach…

sportfishing charter image of fishermen holding large fishpicture of nautical fishing flag

December 30 2012… Back offshore
Took out Fred Auger and family for a day of offshore fishing. The weather has turned better. Clear skies and calm seas. Unfortunately the bite defnitely slowed from the few days before. Full moon or a change in weather patterns could be to blame. Luckly we did manage to find a few Sailfish and got Fred his first billfish.

image of sail flag

December 23 2012… First offshore charter of the season.
I took a a few of the vacationing McCallister family out for there first offshore trip ever. We made our way to the Furuno bank. A long wet ride it was, as the rainy season re-appeared after a brief hiatus. Once on the scene we went to making bait. Trolling up some Pacific Bonito. It took a few ties as the first ones were too large to use as bait. Once we had the bait, we started fishing. I intended to put out 3 lines as usual. Soon as I got the second line out we had a bite.
That pretty much sums up the day, as we had consistent action all day. Large Dorados and Sailfish were abundant.


picture of large mahi maui picture of Benjamin holding large mahi mahi

December 15 2012… Costa Rica boat “Ben There” has been launched.
Back in the water here in Costa Rica. Our Center console is perfect for plying the calm waters of the south coast of Costa Rica. Offshore and Inshore, we are ready to go.

picture of Diablo Sportfishing boat the "Ben There"

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