Sportfishing Charters – 2012

February 24 2012
Had guests from the beutiful rental house “Congos Del Uvita”
Matt & Contessa joined me for a little sailfish search. What started out as a very lively, promising morning turned out a little slower than we expexted. We hooked our first Sailfish within the first 45 minutes of fishing. A tumultuous one at that. Matt was on the rod for the grueling fight. Jumps, runs and ariel acrobatics were part of the fishes MO. Finally after many great pictures and a long lasted 45 minute fight, Matt had the fish to the boat. Exhausted both fish and angeler, it was time for a break.
We swam the nice 125 pound Sailfish next to the boat for a few recovery minutes and off she went. Unfortunately things changed right after that. Wether be it tide or atmospheric pressure, the fishing shut off. That was the only fish we saw (except Bait..!) Plenty of Dolphins and Turtles though..

picture of sail fish during sportfhing charter picture of fish jumping during sportfishing charter

Febuary 2 2012 Sails are here


January 27 2012-Offshore picking up again
Headed out with Avid fisherman Woody Platt and his wife Shanon to chase some sailfish. Tossed the line off the mooring at 710 AM and made our way South West for the Furuno Bank. An hour and fifteen minute run. We went to making bait, trolling for small Bonito. They were pretty cooperative today. We had the Tuna tubes filled within minutes. I went right to rigging baits and setting out the spread. I had 2 baits out and was getting ready to rig a 3rd and one of the Shimano 30’s started singing. I imediately dropped it back and waited. A long 10 seconds goes by and I push the drag to strike and set the hook. Fish on..! A 15-20 minute battle unsued with Woody on one end of the rod and an upset 125 pound sailfish on the other. A great way to start any trip..

Out went the baits again. This time I got all 3 out. About 45 minutes goes by and we hear the click of the reel. Then another reel clicks then another. Tripled up…! Thankfully we only 1 of the fish stayed tight. It would have been very diffucult if not impossible to get 3 in at once. Shanon jumped on the rod and with perserverance she landed her first Pacific Sailfish.

I started re-rigging and fishing for more baits. All went well and we were fishing again within 20 minutes. A little bit of a lull ensues, about an hour. Then the click again….Drop-back and fish on… Nice 30+ pound Mahi Mahi starts jumping at the end of the line. Woody is on rod and makes quick work of the future dinner…

Our baits were not doing well and again. We proceeded to make bait again. It was now 1130 in the morning and Woody wanted to do some Inshore Flyfishng to finish the day. We decided this was to be our last set of baits for the day. Out went the baits again. We slowed trolled for about 45 minutes then again the reel started singing. Shanon was again on the rod and doing battle with another 100+ pound Sailfish. A half hour tug of war and we had the fish to the boat.

We picked up and ran in early, dropping Shanon off to do some beach time. Woody and I went to one of the many rocks and tried to spook up a Rooster fish. Woody is a avid Flyfisherman and the Rooster fish is a prized catch. Unfortunately for the 2 hours of throwing the fly we did not get one. We did however raise 5 and had 2 bites.

picture of sport fishermen with mahi mahiKevin pulling in sailfish

pulling fish

January 20 2012
Did a half day trip inshore. Again we only fished for 4 hours. Suprisingly the Mackeral seem to have disappeared, but were replaced by lots of Jack Crevalle. Large schools of these hard fighting fish are present now. We got a few Jacks and a needle fish in the first area. After bending some rods we decided to try a new spot for some “fishes for the dishes” . We ran down to a little spot about 15 minutes South. Working the area we hooked up a monster of a fish. A serious tug a war was ensued on a light 20-40 Local Hooker Acid Wrap rod. A half hour later over the gunnel came a 50+ pound Cubera.

Sportfishing charter with MackeralFisherman holding needle fish

January 15 2012
Inshore fishing Red Hot. Took out returning guest Del C. and guests for a half day of inshore fishing. Lots of Pacific Sierra Mackeral around. 4 hours of fishing we ended up with 8 Mackeral, 2 Pacific Needle fish and a small Bluefin Trevally.

YouTube Links for sailfish videos.
Underwater Sailfish

December 28 2011 – January 7 2012
Had returning guest, friend and avid fisherman Scott Carpenter, down here in Costa Rica for some fishing for the week. We did many days offshore with lots of sailfish and some Marlin bites as well. One day of inshore fishing was rewarded with a great Sierra Mackeral bite.

picture of jumping sailfish

picture of carpenter sailfishpicture of hooker sailfish

image of sailscottscott holding sierramacksail

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